Our Platforms

We create and publish informative, inspiring content to educate and motivate our audiences through our various self improvement and personal development platforms.

We work with some of the world's leading personal growth experts and authors to help share their message and transformational education. We have a number of communities, which combined, lets us connect with more than 7 million awesome individuals and our social media is regularly seen by over 100 million people monthly. We provide the path for positive transformation, to help people live more fulfilled lives, on the following platforms.


We host the largest Law Of Attraction community in the world, and guide you on your manifesting journey by providing access to daily inspiration, tools, exercises and expert articles. You will also find various quizzes, ebooks and training programs to help you manifest more from your Law Of Attraction experience.

You can learn a lot from the awesome community and we can help you identify exactly what is holding you back from effectively applying the Law of Attraction, plus help show you how you can achieve a more happier and fulfilled life. In addition to the many free tools and resources available, you will also find transformational training from best Law of Attraction experts in the world including Katherine Hurst, Bob Doyle and Joe Vitale.


At PersonalGrowth.com, we are dedicated to publishing transformational content from the world's personal growth experts. The main focus for this community is to inspire positive change in everyone’s lives. Topics include hypnosis and manifesting, dieting and exercise, relationships, self improvement, productivity and creativity - plus much more.

Over 300 regular expert authors from around the world contribute to this platform, sharing their message by educating, motivating and inspiring change in the lives of a worldwide audience. The world is waking up. Our goal is to help contribute to the unstoppable surge of the self help movement by spreading personal growth and self help education online for everyone to access.


At eHypnosis you’ll find a comprehensive library of self hypnosis downloads and CDs created by internationally recognized and qualified clinical hypnotherapists, lead by Dr. Steve G. Jones. The platform is a leading resource to help you recognize and overcome the challenges and roadblocks that show up in your life so you can progress and grow on a personal level.

The hypnosis programs that we provide can offer you a safe, straightforward and powerfully effective way of addressing and overcoming the barriers that can show up in life as bad habits, fears and phobias. Self Hypnosis can also be used for personal growth and positive change, replacing limited beliefs with self-confidence and assurance in your abilities.