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Giving Back

We firmly believe in being socially responsible company. This core belief is present throughout everything we do at Greater Minds. As always, our mission is to empower 100 million people to live healthier, happier more fulfilled lives.

Everyone on this planet deserves the opportunity to live their best life and as part of our mission, we donate a proportion of our profits to charities and social enterprises, who are working towards the empowerment and personal growth of people all over the world.

Some of the Organizations We Support:

Ensuring sustainability and making education available to people in developing countries by providing entire communities with the resources & training necessary to break the cycle of poverty.
Providing free primary education to children in marginalized, conflict-affected and remote communities by building and developing community schools across, Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal.
Committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged communities in the Ulusaba region of South Africa, by focusing on sustainable development and improving access to food, water, education and health.